AIC-DSU Innovation Foundation conducts training programs regularly in association with top notch Industry Partners. Trainings that are scheduled currently include:

Innovation Lab: Autodesk: Design & Innovation Centre

# Details Description
1 Collaborating Industry Partner Autodesk India Pvt Ltd
2 Training Content
  1. Design, visualize and simulate ideas using Autodesk suite of tools for 3D design, engineering and entertainment.
  2. Conducting Training on Product design using Autodesk Fusion 360
  3. Training students on CAM Workbench
  4. Training students on Generative Design Workbench
  5. Training students on the Autodesk Products / Tools
  6. Prototyping and implementing using facilities in the Maker Space that includes 3D printer, scanner, CNC Milling machine and various hand tools.
3 Major equipment in the lab
  1. StratasysUprint 3D Printer
  2. Artec Eva 3D Scanner
  3. 14 Computer’s with i7 board and 8 GB Ram
  4. All required Hand Tools for soft prototyping.
4 Trainers
  • Mr. Vinayaka
  • Mr. Deepak V, Mr.Shivamani
5 Examples of Successfully Completed projects
  1. Go Karting
  2. Generative design of Rover Bot
  3. 3D Printed Drone
  4. Generative design of Brake Caliper
  5. Generative design of Pit Man Arm
6 Fees and duration of the program Rs.20,000 for 2 months

Innovation Lab: Center of Competence for Automation Technologies – Rexroth Bosch Innovation Lab.

Innovation Lab: Center for High-Performance Computing (NVIDIA & Boston)


Innovation Lab: Cloud Computing and Virtualization Lab (VMware, AWS, and Google)

Innovation Lab: Big Data and Analytics Lab (IBM)

Innovation Lab : Automotive Embedded Systems Lab