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Your Success is our Success, AIC-DSU Innovation Foundation is an Innovation Center that strives to engage a wide range of stakeholders in problem-solving activities & accelerate their growth.


At AIC-DSU Innovation Foundation there are no boundaries and we give voice to a wide range of different perspectives. The goal is to work collaboratively to generate long-term “breakthroughs”.

Incubatee Oriented Objectives :

  • Inspire new types of interactions between our incubatee teams!
  • Shrink product development cycle times!
  • Accelerate alignment of our incubates around new strategies!
  • Accelerate new product development!
Startup Funding
Angel Investment


  • Physical infrastructure in the form of air conditioned plug and play cabins with necessary furnishing
  • 24 X 7 working hours with 100% power backup
  • Housekeeping, security, utilities at day to day level
  • A minimum Internet bandwidth to begin operations
  • Smart card access and attendance monitoring system
  • Cafeteria, reading room and common browsing centre
  • Discussion and Conference rooms with Video conferencing facilities


  • Start-up package – would include all necessary services that would help to setup the company from scratch till establishment.
  • Business awareness package – these would include language training (where necessary), translation services, guidance and mentoring to understand the socio-political-economic environments including governmental regulations (For soft landing companies)
  • Funding package – would facilitate the start-up to develop business plans tuned towards funding followed by mock due diligence exercises. Support would be provided for creating all the necessary documentation for pre and post funding scenarios.
  • Legal package – would include all legal services, support for obtaining the statutory approvals, contract designs and other forms of legal documentation.
  • IPR package – would facilitate the companies to create and file the necessary applications. Assist in other services that would be required.
  • Settlement package – assist for housing and other relevant support services to help in locational comforts (For soft landing companies)
  • Secretarial and admin package – provide all the necessary support for handling secretarial, accounting, purchase and other admin functions.

Technical support package – facilitate understanding and cooperation where necessary with Institutions, research labs, other industries etc.

Event management package – facilitate product launches, customer meets and other workshops or seminars that would be conducted by the companies.

Human resources package – to assist companies in recruitment processes and other HR related activities and also facilitate services related to insurance, health and other attractive employee schemes that would help the companies in providing the right environment for employees (especially for Soft Landing Companies)

Training and intervention package - Regular workshops / seminars would be conducted for the benefit of the promoters and in addition where possible technical training programmes would be organized for the employees of the companies. Additional specialized or customized training programmes would be organized when requirements

Investor Pitch by Startup


  • Training in Business Plan Preparation
  • Training in Business Skill
  • Training in IPR
  • Business Extension Services
  • Identifying new market
  • Preparation of a presentation for investment
  • Incubator Investor Meet
  • Regular Network Meeting

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AIC-DSU Innovation Foundation is an Innovation Center that strives to engage a wide range of stakeholders in problem-solving activities & accelerate their growth.

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